So, finally after a long summer GSoC has come to an end!! It has been a great experience, and something which I will cherish for the rest of my life. I would like to thank my mentor Sartaj, who has been guiding me through the thick and thin of times. Here are the work done in this week :-

  • I wanted to implement a new convergence test,called the Raabe's test. The description of the test is as follows –

I have already written the crux of the code. And it looks somewhat like this :-

    ### ----------- Raabe's test ---------------- ###
    lim_val = Limit(sym * (sequence_term/sequence_term.subs(sym, sym + 1) - S(1)), sym, S.Infinity)
    val = lim_val.doit()

    dict_val = sequence_term.match((-1)**(sym + p)*q)
    if val.is_number and dict_val is None:
    if val > 1:
        return S.true
    if val < 1:
        return S.false

But this code is making two test cases, which are already documented, fail. I haven’t pushed the code yet, since the tests seem not to pass, and so I am skeptic about the utility this convergence test will bring to SymPy.

  • The limit #PR 17381 was facing some merge conflict issues, so I had to fix them. Kalevi had a major comment about the PR, which can be found here. I am pondering over how to change this PR to suit what he has said. I have already asked for help, since I am in a bit of confusion regarding the comment.

That’s it for this week. Thank you SymPy and team for such a wonderful summer. Adios !!!!