Week 1 of the Coding Period (Phase 1) is coming to an end. It was a hectic week for me, as I had to travel in the initial days of the week, but the work done in Community Bonding Period, helped me to progress faster. I also had a meeting with Sartaj on Wednesday (29-05-2019). We talked about the remaining work needed to be done in Week 1, and the initial work of Week 2.

  • Obviously, PR #16869 needed refactoring. The old code had a lot of nesting, and I wrote the code without the help of other SymPy functions. After gathering helpful insight from Sartaj, I used other pieces of existing SymPy APIs, and made the code a lot smaller. The PR is now in a stage of getting approved and merged soon !!!

  • The tests which had symbolic additive powers like x**(n-2)*cos(x) were failing with the old code. I had to thus define a property fps_sym (which indicates if the formal power series object has a symbolic term in the function), which helped in clearing all the previous XFAIL tests.

  • Sartaj also told me to look into PR #13854, which stemmed from Issue #12310. This was an old PR of mine, and it concerned about correcting fps of polynomials. Discussion has begun about this already, and I hope to make a new PR soon.

  • I have alreday started thinking about implementing convolution and composition operations of fps as of now. I will be looking into the source code for discrete convolution of sequences in SymPy, to get a better understanding of how to implement convolution. Also I have figured out the closed form of composition, which involves Bell Polynomials in the coefficient sequence of the resultant fps. Further implementation requires discussion.

See you all in the next week !! Bye-bye till then !!